Sunday, 8 May 2011

More rain dances required!

We finally had a little rain last night, but for some reason our little corner seems to keep dodging the heavy rain that is predicted. Now ordinarily this is something we love about this little corner, but the ground is crying out for some moisture and my arms are aching from carrying watering cans (better than a gym workout!), so please, please can we have some more!!

That said, there are some beauties in the garden that are learning to fend for themselves brilliantly.

 Angelica seems to have suddenly shot up.

The stunning poppy, Patty's Plum, caught me off guard and burst in to flower yesterday, I hadn't even seen that it was showing any colour yet!

 Clematis climbing happily away.

The woods are an amazing mass of blue at the moment.

 And, because I am a florist, and this blog has been lacking on actual arrangements recently, here are this weeks flowers for the pub.

1 comment:

Lula said...

beautiful flowers and colors, and yes we need more rain, it looks as if summer and plants are thirsty!

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