Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Now where was I .......

Adding more pics of both our wedding and others was put on hold as we headed up north for a couple of weeks. We spent a beautiful week in the stunning surroundings of The Lake District. Plenty of walking, climbing, fresh air and nature is everything I need to refresh and inspire me ready for the manic build up to Christmas! (sorry is it still too early to mention that word??)

Back to focusing on flowers again.
It is coming to the end of the flowering season in the garden but in the polytunnel a new growing season has already started, with plenty of little seedlings coming on nicely, ready for early spring cut flowers.

And now it is time to plan Christmas wreaths, arrangements, market stalls, plant bulbs the list goes on ....

Monday, 13 September 2010

Happy Anniversary to Sally & Sean

Happy anniversary to the two of you, how quickly 2 years have gone!

Photos by Kenny Hickey
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