Saturday, 30 April 2011

What a wedding!!

Kate looked absolutely stunning in her beautiful Alexander McQueen dress.
Delicate english flowers including lily of the valley!! Good guess!

I love that all the flowers and foliage were British sourced and even from their private estates, the abbey looked incredible and I loved the trees.  Here's to locally grown english flowers and a revival of the language of flowers, for those romantic messages in wedding bouquets.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

I wish you could smell these ...

The woods where we live smell divine at the moment.

I find it incredible how something so tiny can have such an amazingly powerful scent. Stunning in wedding bouquets in April and May.
The question is will these little beauties be featuring in the Royal wedding flowers???

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Todays beauties

Or what's left of them after this heat!!

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter

Posts have been few and far between of late, as I try and keep my head above water! Juggling my job and tending to all my little babies (seedlings, in case you were wondering!) hasn't left much time for computering, but I promise to try and do better. This weather has been amazing, if not slightly bizarre when you remember we are only in April, but has meant hours of watering in order for anything to stand a chance so early in the season.

However, the garden is looking very lush at the moment with plenty starting to burst in to flower, even if slightly early and lots of seedlings ready to go in the ground. I'm hoping for a very productive flower season, and of course a little rain please, at this rate I will have monkey arms by the end of the summer from carrying all the watering cans!

 I love the way the dew collects on the leaves of Alchemilla mollis.
The wisteria is in full flower and looks and smells gorgeous.

My favourite flower/foliage at the mo, the stunning Viburnum opulus, can't get enough of it!

The hubby's alliums are now bursting in to flower but I'll let him tell you about that A Gardeners Life For Me

 The simple beauty of Soloman seal.

 And a sneak peek at the garage/workshop that is under construction!!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

What a weekend

It has been a fantastically sunny weekend for gardening, but we also managed to squeeze in a morning visit to Sissinghurst. Beautiful at any time of year but spring is my favourite (although I will then be saying the same about summer and autumn at the time, I'm so fickle!)
A riot of colour, masses of tulips, narcissi, muscari, fritillaries, blossom, magnolia, wallflowers the list is endless.

Well worth a visit!

Monday, 4 April 2011

And breathe ...

What a weekend! Very little sleep, endless orders and a lot of caffeine was consumed in the shop.
Thought I'd share with you a few extra bits that I did this weekend.

Firstly some pics from the pub, plenty of spring in vintage bottles.

And spring bouquets full of narcissi, hyacinths, hellabores, tulips and beautiful home grown fritillaries and anemones.

And of course a beautiful spring bouquet of tulips and ranunculus with herbs for my own wonderful mum, x.

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