Saturday, 30 April 2011

What a wedding!!

Kate looked absolutely stunning in her beautiful Alexander McQueen dress.
Delicate english flowers including lily of the valley!! Good guess!

I love that all the flowers and foliage were British sourced and even from their private estates, the abbey looked incredible and I loved the trees.  Here's to locally grown english flowers and a revival of the language of flowers, for those romantic messages in wedding bouquets.


Belinda @ Wild Acre said...

Agree totally! The trees were a masterstroke, and transformed the Abbey.

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I loved those trees. Weren't they an amazing way to bring a freshness and vitality to the Abbey. So pretty!


The Sage Butterfly said...

It was a lovely wedding. The trees were so lovely in the cathedral...gave it the sense of a natural setting.

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