Saturday, 28 May 2011

Chelsea Flower Show

Once again time has run away with me, so before the event is completely over here are a few pics from my visit to Chelsea earlier in the week.

We had a beautifully sunny day and shared it with quite a lot of other people! Elbows were sharpened and I did manage to see most of the gardens, although not always from their best angle. There is something to be said for sitting back in the comfort of your own home watching all the tv footage, but of course there is a Chelsea buzz and we did have a lovely day.

I had to be held back from diving straight in to the Monaco Garden. I loved the use of every available space for planting, walls, roof and even in the swimming pool. The orange against the blue and silver planting was even more striking in the flesh.

I surprisingly liked the mix of colours in The Daily Telegraph Garden, I felt myself lifted to the hot and dusty ruins of a foreign country with beautiful natural planting.

I loved the romantic and relaxed planting in the Laurent Perrier Garden, soft pinks and purples with wispy grasses throughout, giving movement and yet a peaceful feel to the garden.

I felt that The Irish Sky Garden was better viewed on tv for really exploring it. Designed on a slope and with the flying pod hidden in the depths at the top, it wasn't easily viewed behind the ropes. However beautiful lush green planting with all the different textures and endless pools definitely tried to entice us in, but it was not to be. Back to the tv to enjoy this one.

Purples and burgundys featured strongly this year, with lots of alliums, salvia everywhere and endless grasses. I came away thinking I must get myself some more grasses. As well as lots more foxgloves.

Stunning Nora Barlow aquilegia, I am still waiting for mine to germinate, but fingers crossed.

So anyway just a a very small taster of what we saw at Chelsea, as always I have to dash, but head over to the hubby's blog for more descriptions and pics 
( He's very good with words and far more descriptive than me) 
Enjoy the last day of Chelsea.


NellJean said...

I will never travel to Chelsea so it is satisfying to see it through the eyes of those are near to it.

Twice as nice to have two views. Thank you both for sharing your photos and your opinions which make for a very enjoyable look.

Anonymous said...

Great to get a husband and wife view - loved your photos. Thank you for sharing Chelsea with us.

Florist in the Forest said...

Glad we were able to bring Chelsea to you both. It is interesting the different takes that two people have on the same day.

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