Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter

Posts have been few and far between of late, as I try and keep my head above water! Juggling my job and tending to all my little babies (seedlings, in case you were wondering!) hasn't left much time for computering, but I promise to try and do better. This weather has been amazing, if not slightly bizarre when you remember we are only in April, but has meant hours of watering in order for anything to stand a chance so early in the season.

However, the garden is looking very lush at the moment with plenty starting to burst in to flower, even if slightly early and lots of seedlings ready to go in the ground. I'm hoping for a very productive flower season, and of course a little rain please, at this rate I will have monkey arms by the end of the summer from carrying all the watering cans!

 I love the way the dew collects on the leaves of Alchemilla mollis.
The wisteria is in full flower and looks and smells gorgeous.

My favourite flower/foliage at the mo, the stunning Viburnum opulus, can't get enough of it!

The hubby's alliums are now bursting in to flower but I'll let him tell you about that A Gardeners Life For Me

 The simple beauty of Soloman seal.

 And a sneak peek at the garage/workshop that is under construction!!


The Sage Butterfly said...

Your viburnum is round, so full, and so white!

Florist in the Forest said...

I LOVE it but love it even more when it's vibrant and lime, so fresh.

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