Saturday, 7 January 2012

So that was 2011...

I found myself getting slightly distracted whilst looking through photos for inspiration for 2012 brides. Nostalgia kicked in for what was a busy but exciting year, so I thought i'd share some of what went on in a quick round up of 2011.

It started with beautiful spring flowers for Mother's Day

Combined with the start of the homegrown flowers

Early summer brought us parties filled with peonies, dill and larkspur

Beautiful summer urns dressed marquees

June meant the beginning of the market season with plenty of homegrown flowers, sweet peas, cornflower, dill, scabious and nigella all in abundance mixed with scented herbs

The wedding season got in to full swing

Classic whites with a touch of yellow

The bridesmaids brightened up this rainy summers day and encouraged the sun to make an appearance for the reception

Excited to be able to produce completely homegrown beautiful wedding flowers
Eridge Park Farm Shop opened offering plenty of locally grown produce

Autumn introduced us to lots of lovely textures, berries and seedheads

Froufrou Bridal Boutique opened its doors to lots of lovely brides to be

Beautiful shop with a stunning selection of vintage inspired dresses

And then of course there was Christmas, what can I say, busier than ever with  lots of markets and orders.  And then a chance to put our feet up for a couple of days!

So a taster for what we got up to in 2011. 2012 looks to be an even more exciting year with ideas and projects in the pipeline and already lots of lovely couples booked in for their big day!

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