Friday, 13 January 2012

Check out the website!

I realised that with the craziness of Christmas and then organising of the new year, that I seem to have forgotten to mention that my rather clever husband has created a website for me!
So if you have always come straight through to my blog for your flower fix then you can now have a look at the website too, if you have landed on my blog via the website then this is old news to you!
I still want to add more to it ( I use the word 'I' loosely, as I have not got my head round the other language that is html talk - so I will have to sweet talk my husband to add more pics at the mo) but in the meantime I'd love to know your thoughts.

Oh and you can also find me on twitter, and Facebook pop over and say hi and 'Like' my facebook page if you like! Think that's enough technology for one day.


VW said...

The website is lovely! Your arrangements are so refreshing with all the cottage garden flowers. Such talent.

Artist's Garden said...

The website looks beautiful - lovely images.

jwblooms said...

Looks beautiful, Katherine - very classy! Jan x

Jason said...

Great website, wonder who designed that then?! P.S. I've given you a blog award too! Hubby.

Florist in the Forest said...

Thanks everyone for your comments, hubby worked hard on it and continues to do so (I'm quite demanding).
I'll let you off Dave for assuming Jason was the wiz behind the FB page, I astound myself sometimes with my technology abilities! I get there in the end just takes me a little longer with a little cursing along the way - too many ways to communicate I can't keep up!

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