Sunday, 27 March 2011

Spring forward...

We spent a gorgeous weekend in the garden, being ever so productive. We are now in to the dangerous cycle of losing track of time and not getting anything else, other than gardening, done now the clocks have gone forward, tonight we were out till 7pm and still could have kept going!

Well I'm hoping I won't regret my impatience, but sweet peas have now been planted outside, gasps I hear... but they were getting a bit tall for the rootrainers and I have been hardening them off by night.

However, I'm obviously not totally relaxed with my decision as I have wrapped all my little babies in fleece for their first night!!!

Spring has most definitely sprung now.

And a very content hound now that the sun is shining!


mother of purl said...

Hurrah for Spring! Hope your gamble with the sweet peas pays off x

Beyond My Garden said...

We are no where close to being able to put out sweet peas. Our woods were covered with snow this morning.

Florist in the Forest said...

I hope my gamble pays off too, you will soon know if it hasn't when there are no pics of sweet peas come summer!
& as for snow, I think i'd cry, no amount of fleece would help with that one!

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