Sunday, 13 March 2011

An exhausting but satisfying day!

Bizarrely it feels good to be sitting here barely able to move after an exhausting day in the garden. When every muscle in your body aches you realise how long the winter has been!
Among other things, I have done mass planting of dahlias today, in pots in the polytunnel to start them off, hopefully I may be able to get a few cuttings from them too before they go in the ground.
The dahlias arrived this week from Rose Cottage Plants and Peter Nyssen and there are some stunners!

Ice cube



Karma Choc

Purple Haze

Karma Serena

I also purchased maroon Rip City, purple Thomas A Edison (highly recommended by Sarah Raven), orange Mrs Eileen and Lemon Bilbao. I can't wait to start using these in summer bouquets.


Gardeners said...

a gorgeous selection!

Beyond My Garden said...

Gardening seems to hit every muscle we have. I have moved a compost pile but other than that I haven't yet had my first day of the season in my garden.

Belinda @ Wild Acre said...

Delicious dahlias!!

I am creaking too - this time of year is a killer, keen as mustard to get lots done, but muscles winter soft!!

Carol said...

Lovely colors! I so envy you your sore body! I cannot wait . . . the snow may be gone in a week with the warm weather we will be getting. I admire the work that goes into growing beautiful dahlias. Here we have to dig them up and store them over the winter months.

Florist in the Forest said...

Nellie - You are good, our compost heap is in desperate need of turning but I always manage to get distracted and find a more exciting job in the garden!

Belinda - I like that, muscles winter soft, I hadn't realised how soft mine had become, need to toughen up!

Carol - I don't envy your snow, it is so lovely to finally be able to start making a difference in the garden after a long winter. I lift dahlias too, although I have never grown as many as this year, so I will let you know if I am as keen come winter.

Simon baldwin said...

Morning Katherine, thanks for dropping by my blog, i'm glad you took the time to comment, as i've now found your blog! :)
I've just ordered a load of Dahlias, but have never grown them before... i'm hoping i can get some sort of decent showing from them :)
I'm looking forward to seeing how well all of yours do this year (and copying your growing techniques aswell ;)

Florist in the Forest said...

Hi Simon,
Good luck with your dahlias. Copy my growing techniques at your own risk - I am no expert, just learning as I go. I've never planted this many before so fingers crossed.
Look forward to seeing your results too!

Artist's Garden said...

Lovely Dahlias, Eveline caught my eye, I imagine that it is beautiful in flower arrangements.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely blog! Looking back at some older posts, I noticed your Christmas market bulb dishes. So nice! I wouldn't have thought of making those for a craft market, but maybe this year I'll give it a go. We don't seem to have much like that at our craft markets here, so they would be a refreshing change. Have you tried Christmas bouquets as well? I'm a florist too, but like to do things on the side on my own. Thanks for the inspiration!

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