Friday, 18 February 2011

Planting by candle light (well, sort of)

I came home from work last night very excited to discover I had received a delivery of bare root plants and bulbs. Now any normal person would wait till daylight to start planting, however, realising that they would have to sit and sweat in their little plastic bags for a week until I had a day to get outside, I set about rigging up lighting in the polytunnel!

Some might say crazy, I like to say enthusiastic!


Artist's Garden said...

I love that picture and the thought of you hunkered down in the poly-tunnel late at night tending your new stock of plants!

Jim Groble said...

Enthusiastic is the correct word. When Pat and I get a load of sweet peet (zoo poop and leaf humus) we work till it's gone. Nice post. jim

Elly said...

Hi Katharine,
Your blog is refreshing, how you tell about your activitys is very nice. I am enthusiastic.
I have good news for you. I have selected you to receive the Stylish Blogger Award. To find out more, visit
Kindly regards and a pretty weekend, Elly

Plantaliscious said...

Sounds perfectly sensible to me! I love polytunnels, and a polytunnel at night sounds perfect. Like Carol Klein's open sided shed that she appears to be in at all hours and in all weathers.

Simon baldwin said...

Brilliant! :)
I was in the garden trying to heel in some bare rooted fruit trees the other evening.... digging with one hand and holding a torch in the other turned out to be quite a skill! :)

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