Sunday, 13 February 2011

Ahh a lovely gin & tonic for Valentine's Day!!

I am sitting back and relaxing with a lovely gin and tonic after a busy day getting ready for Valentine's day in the shop.  We've prepared lots of orders ready for delivery tomorrow; made as much as we could until we ran out of stock, ready for an early morning start with a fresh delivery of flowers and foliage.

In other news, I have been rather chuffed with my new ebay purchase. I am just slightly obsessed with vintage china and glass and this week I purchased a beautiful large wash jug in cream, with a pretty green rose print.

 So this week's creation for my local pub, the Nevill Crest and Gun was created in my new purchase.
(Not a great picture i'm afraid, it was a grey, dreary morning before I delivered it.)

Natural flowers in a vintage jug, perfect for a country pub, come summer they will be home grown, even better!

Happy Valentine's Day everybody.


Susan {Florali} said...

Happy Valentine's Day, to you. May we all still be able to walk and talk at the end of the day. Yours must be just getting started. Best of luck.
Susan - Florali

Artist's Garden said...

That is a VERY beautiful jug - what a great purchase - it looks good with your arrangement in it too

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