Tuesday, 12 November 2013

A little of what I have been up to...

Whoops it's been a while!
The busy life of a wedding florist has very much taken over this year and I have not been very good at keeping you all posted on my comings and goings.
I have had the pleasure of working on a huge number of beautiful weddings this year and there are still a few to go so no rest for me just yet.

So here is just a little taster of what I have been up to, courtesy of some very talented photographers and when things calm down (I know I always say that and it doesn't seem to happen) I will post a few of the weddings in more detail.

Dasha Caffrey Photography

Dasha Caffrey Photography
Samuel Docker Photography
Photography by Especially Amy
Photography by Especially Amy
Philippa James Photography
Rebecca Douglas Photography
Rebecca Douglas Photography
Rebecca Douglas Photography


Bryan Phillips said...

Love the photos, We write a weekly blog http://www.flowersbyzoe.uk.com/blog.html

On Flowers and being a florist in TOWIE country.

great blog, thanks


Anonymous said...

As a newbie florist, this blog has shed light on a lot of things I did not know about. God bless you !

Kristen Dockery said...

I love every single one of these bouquets and floral arrangements. I used to think all bouquets looked the same and I didn't know the different styles. After looking at the pictures in this article I realized that there are big differences and I think it helped me pinpoint what I like and what I don't. Thanks for sharing. http://www.holmesmcduffy.com

Jim Tracy said...

The floral arrangement can really make the wedding. I love looking at all the different arrangements here online. It's cool to see how the bouquets replicate the bride. These florists have done a great job. http://bouquetbouquet.com.au/shop/

Huong Nguyen said...

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