Sunday, 2 October 2011

Why wait till Christmas

A hint of Christmas for Eridge Park Farm Shop this week as they had a special evening to release their Christmas pricelist. Lots of tasty cheese and cakes were nibbled and local wines consumed. I created a couple of wreaths that can be either for the door or table, but why wait till Christmas when they also make rather lovely autumn door wreaths.

Ok, perhaps this wreath should wait till Christmas though.


The Sage Butterfly said...'ve gotten me in the mood! I love holiday arrangements...beautiful!

Sue A said...

Absolutely gorgeous, inspirational, beautiful. What talent!

Alessandra said...

Hi, first time here, what a wonderful blog, I am following you :-)


Florist in the Forest said...

Welcome Alessandra and thanks for following, hope you enjoy.
And thank you to Sue and Sage Butterfly for your lovely comments x

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