Friday, 3 December 2010

The weather has won this weekend, the market has been postponed until next weekend as we have had so much snow. Instead we have our very own grotto; who would have thought that this was in Kent, looks more like an alpine scene!

Here is a taster as to what we have been creating for the market. Huge selection of festive wreaths, planted china, as seen before and table arrangements, all accompanied by huge amounts of snow!

That's enough playing for now, still learning all the different functions on the camera.


Belinda @ Wild Acre said...

Heyy, just found your blog, how exciting, we are both on a similar flowery journey!! How lovely! Your blog is great - I have a similar weakness for old china, and your bulbs look fantastic.

You are ahead of me with the polytunnel, I don't have one or a greenhouse which is ridiculous for someone wanting to grow to sell! Hmmmm.

Have you discovered the other small grower/florists like Higgeldy Garden, JWBlooms, Snapdragons Garden etc. All v friendly! Look forward to following your progress.Bx

Florist in the Forest said...

Hello, it is very exciting when you come across people on similar paths. I have come across Snapdragon before but I shall certainly check the others out too.

As for the polytunnel, you must get one if you have the space, they are great - although I still worry about all my little babies when it is this cold, as I don't heat it.

Hope the jewellery side of the business is coming on well, good idea having another string to your bow through the winter months!
Look forward to seeing some pics.

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